About Custom Show Boards & Troy Kruger

Thanks for visiting my site and supporting my business. I started Custom Show Boards in 2004, which spawned from an idea I got attending car shows. The same old boring car signs weren't doing it for me, and I thought I could do it better than the airbrush and lettering guys. I thought the world was ready for the next step in quality photography, printing and graphic design, and I was right! After working just one show and displaying a few of my early works in progress, the feedback and customer orders I got were very encouraging. I am constantly looking to improve my products and services with new designs and print technologies, resulting in new product offerings all the time. Please check back here often to see what's going on, and take some time to view my Blog for up to date information.

Many people don't know that I am an Occupational Therapist during the school year. During show season in Minnesota (it's short!) I am swinging into full gear with Custom Show Boards. Custom Show Boards is open all year, 7 days a week!

My approach to cars is similar to how most of us enjoy ice cream. I have a few of my favorites, but I enjoy them all! That being said, I do have a little collection of Mustangs (that's me above in my '66 Mustang). My dad is to thank for inspiring me with his collection of cars and allowing me the opportunity to enjoy these cars on my own. My wife and kids would certainly tell you that I am crazy about cars, and that I'm crazy about my customers. I promise to work my hardest to provide you with the best service imaginable.

Custom Show Boards is located in the Minneapolis, MN area but serve customers all over the world. Please email me or call me at (763) 228-3523 so we can discuss your needs. 


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