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My traditional product offerings include heavy duty Custom Show Boards made from top quality materials that are designed to last. Custom Show Boards feature actual photos of your car and are available in many different styles and sizes to fit your needs and budget. Additional custom sizes and styles are also available - just ask!

Custom Show Boards can be made from your submitted images*, but for superior results, professional photography services are recommended, which I can happily provide for an additional fee.

See what else is available in my specialty products section, as well as my marketing products section.

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Available in 13x19, 16x24 and 20x30 sizes, the "Sport" features 1-2 photos of your vehicle, custom graphics/design layout elements from your vehicle, and supplied text. Also available as "text only" display.

Available in 20x20, the "Super-Sport" features a "sport" layout with an additional side-bar using 4 additional feature photos (or additional text/info) of your vehicle.


Click here for more "Sport" examples

Click here for more "Super-Sport" examples

"High Performance"

"Custom Doodler Boards"

Available in 13x19, 16x24 and 20x30 sizes, the "High Performance" is a stunning design featuring a profile reflection or 3/4 view portrait(s), custom graphic and 3 lower detail photos or statistics bar.

Click here for more "High Performance"

Local artist, Dan Burdeski (Doodler), will be comissioned to draw a custom "cartoon" of your exact vehicle to be used for a 20x20 or 16x24 Custom Show Board along with your custom text. Additional hand drawn graphics/logos are also available.

Click here for more "Custom Doodler Boards "

"Fully Loaded"

"Fully Loaded" is a combination of all our popular designs, weaved into one for the customer that wants it all! Get the benefits of muliple images and large quantities of text. Great for sales & auction marketing boards as well!

Available exclusively in 20x30 size. (may be printable in 16x24 if text requirements are low)

Click here for more "Fully Loaded "

"Rally Pack"

Add 1000 double sided 4x6 ultra-high quality collector cards to any of the above Custom Show Boards. Great for vehicle/event promotions, business advertising, collecting, trading, auctions and sales.

Other quantities and larger sizes are available. Call for details.

Custom Show Cards!


Sales/Marketing Materials now available!!!
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